Rummy might seem like an easy game to master. But it is not as easy as it might sound. Playing online rummy needs effort and skill. Long hours of practice and dedication are also a part of the process of becoming an expert at the game. Not only can playing rummy online be a great source of entertainment and joy but it can also be an easy way to earn extra money at the end of the month. In today’s time, it is quite a difficult task to earn enough money from the 9-5 corporate jobs. You can do that by playing rummy, a favourite card game of almost everyone across the world.

The process of winning money by playing rummy games online

  • Start from the basics:

If you are completely new to the card game, it is suggested that you read up all the rules and regulations of the game very thoroughly. The 2-6 players get 13 cards each from the 2 decks of cards used for the game. The one who declares his or her cards with the least points the soonest wins the game. This is the basic rule.

  • Know the point of each card:

To maintain the least points possible, it is important to concentrate on this section. All the rummy cards numbered from 2-10 have point values that are equal to their face values. Only the Ace, Jack, Queen and King cards of all the four suits have 10 points each. Therefore, they must be discarded as soon as possible in order to maintain a low rummy point while playing the game.

  • Joker cards:

While playing online rummy, the player must be aware of the importance of the joker cards. Joker cards, whether it’s a wild card joker or an actual printed Joker card, have zero or no point value. Before discarding any card, wait for the declaration of the joker card and then make your move. These cards can be used as substitutes for the missing cards in either same-number card sequences or consecutive-numbers card sequences. Having joker cards will help you to maintain low rummy points through these impure sequences.

  • Strategies:

Skills and tricks can only come through practice. Each online rummy game is different from the other and requires different strategies. As you practice more rummy games, you’ll learn to observe and predict the strategies and moves of the other players. That way, it’ll be easier to hamper their chances of winning and increase your own.

  • Practice sessions:

A tip would be to practice on the free games till you become an expert at rummy. Only then, you can take the risk of playing the cash games when you are sure of winning more money easily than what you have invested in them.


Practice makes a player perfect. Without dedication and effort, winning online rummy is not possible. Thus, become an expert and profiting from rummy games will seem as easy as anything.

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